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1996 Ford Ranger ~ 2.3L Engine
Evaporative Purge System
Check Engine Code = P1443

Note: I wrote this article after being exasperated trying to find information about this purge system. I hope this article saves someone my frustrations. (For those of you that think this article is too detailed: it's not for you, but for the guy without your vast knowledge.)

Let's start by understanding the two principle components ...

The purge solenoid:

The purge sensor:


Evaporative Purge System component routing

NOTE: I have not dealt with the line back to the gas tank or the
valving on the gas tank because my problem was not there.

I was not happy with Ford's way of hanging the devices so I attached a piece of
aluminum to some existing holes in the battery tray for mounting them properly.


Test 1

check that the vacuum hose is not broken or plugged


Test 2

check that the purge sensor is not plugged


Test 3

check the purge solenoid


Test 4

check that voltage is being supplied to the purge solenoid

Key off... no supply voltage to purge solenoid.

Key on... supplies voltage to purge solenoid.


Test 5

check that the purge flow sensor is working


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